Design & Approval

Design & Approvals.


Hello Landscaping and Pools LLC offers a spectrum of design choices tailored to your preferences. Our skilled team brings your outdoor dreams to life with both 2D and 3D design options, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision. We dont stop there we also handle municipal approvals navigating the regulatory landscape to make your project hassle-free.


Do you need someone to design and build your Pool in Dubai? Hello Landscaping & Pools is one of the best pool contractors in Dubai, with a skilled staff that has over 25 years of expertise in Pool Design and building. We build Gunite Swimming Pools based on Available Space, Aesthetics, Budget, and Usage. In order to visualise the plan, our Design Team will create an initial layout and then a 3D representation.

Types of Pool: Before you proceed, you should be aware that there are several styles of Swimming Pools. Swimming pools are categorised accordingly on their surface draw-off.

  • Skimmer Type
  • Overflow Type
  • Infinity Pool
  • Spas (Hot Tubs)
  • Pool Fencing


“Maintenance Plan that is tailored to your needs. Our plan alternatives are suited to your lifestyle and budget, and they are accompanied by a full report.”


To keep your pool functioning and ready at all times, we provide weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pool cleaning and minor maintenance services. Our crew arrives fully equipped with cutting-edge water testing technologies and treatment options.

  • Remodelling
  • Re-Tiling


Your needs, aspirations, and desires, as well as a vision and a dream We pay close attention to you in a way that possibly no one else does. After all, this is your own area! We want to thoroughly understand your perspective so that we can focus on accomplishing all of your project’s objectives.


Plants give a diversified beauty to your garden. During the design process we place different variety of Plants & Trees best suited according to your likings. Once approved we make sure these Natural scenic ornaments co-exist with your lifestyle in your garden.

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